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Sipping in Style: Champagne Towers Over Cake Cutting

In the world of weddings, traditions hold a special place in our hearts. From the first dance to the bouquet toss, you’ll find most weddings packed full of these recognisable moments. However, there's a new trend on the rise that's shaking up the scene: the champagne tower. Here are why couples are opting for a champagne tower moment over cutting the cake…

Sipping with Sophistication

Imagine a tower of champagne glasses, each one filled to the brim with bubbles. When a couple looks for elegance and sophistication on their big day, a champagne tower offers just that. From a photographer's perspective, the champagne tower is also so much fun to capture, with couples relaxing in the unposed moment to laugh, overfill glasses and toast to their future.

Time to Celebrate

Beyond how fabulous a champagne tower looks, the act of pouring champagne from the top symbolises unity and celebration, much like the traditional cake cutting. It's a moment of shared joy, surrounded by loved ones who are cheering on the newlyweds. 

Practical Perks

A champagne tower also offers practical advantages for couples. Unlike a multi-tiered cake that requires lots of planning and coordination, the tower can be assembled with ease, making it a convenient choice for busy couples. Plus, its versatility allows you to customise to match any wedding theme or aesthetic, whether it's a glamorous backdrop or personalised neon signs!

In conclusion, the champagne tower is more than just a trend, it's a symbol of love and celebration. So here's to sipping in style and raising a glass to love!

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