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2024 Weddings: What’s Trending?

If you're planning a wedding in 2024, here are five game-changing trends to be excited about.

Eco-Friendly "I Do's"

This year, sustainability is becoming more of a top priority for venues, vendors and couples alike. Imagine saying your vows under a sky filled with biodegradable balloons, or having guests toss confetti made of dried petals. Couples are opting for earth-loving choices, from invitations made of recycled paper to locally sourced, organic catering. It's not just about saying "I do"; it's about doing it in a way that can leave more of a positive mark on the planet. As more venues and vendors say no to single-use items such as plastic cups or confetti - this is one to take seriously!

Personalised Wedding Websites

Bid farewell to traditional wedding invitations; it's all about personalised wedding websites now. Couples are creating digital hubs that showcase their love story through engagement photos, provide event details, and collect RSVPs. These websites serve as an interactive space, bringing a tech element to the wedding experience.

Tailoring Every Moment for Every Guest

Weddings are all about personalisation and 2024 is about tailoring the experience for every guest. From welcome boxes packed with goodies tailored to each attendee in their rooms to a menu crafted to accommodate individual tastes and dietary preferences, it's about making every guest feel like the guest of honour. This doesn’t always have to be huge, extravagant gestures and can be as simple as personalised reserved seats for key members of the wedding party or guest sketches from a hired live painting as your entertainment and wedding favours.

Intimate Events with a Big Impact

In response to changing times, micro weddings are taking centre stage. Couples are opting for smaller, more intimate affairs over inviting hundreds of guests to a huge celebration. These scaled-down weddings provide a more relaxed atmosphere, giving couples the opportunity to focus on meaningful moments and create lasting memories with their nearest and dearest.

As we step into 2024, these trends are set to redefine weddings. Whether you're tossing confetti made of petals, creating an interactive digital guest book or ensuring every guest leaves feeling uniquely valued with personalised favours, this year is all about creativity, consciousness, and crafting celebrations.

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