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Why You Should Have Both Photography & Videography for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and you want to make sure that every single moment is captured in the most beautiful way possible. In my professional opinion, both photography and videography offer something different and are key to leaving you with the everlasting evidence of your perfect day.

If you're a facts person...

  • In 2018, 63% of couples hired a wedding videographer, while 37% did not. From those who did not, 94% regretted their decision.

  • 98% of brides recommend videography to other couples

  • Before getting married, about 50% of brides considered wedding videography to be a top-10 expense, but after the wedding, that number climbed to 75%.

Although I can, and have been doing photography and videography for 7 years I of course cannot do both at the same time. In this time, i've met some fantastic people who I'd be happy to recommend depending on what I get chosen for. Ultimately it's your day, and you have to pick what's best for you!

Why I believe you should have both photography and videography for your wedding:

  1. Less is not more when it comes to your wedding: I'd never undersell the value of photos; framed on your wall, printed in a photobook to share with your friends and family, and to hopefully share with your grandchildren one day. However, a video is a timeless way of capturing the moment exactly as it was. So much emotion can be seen in, and experienced from footage. The father-daughter reveal, the reaction of the groom when his soon to be wife walks down the aisle, the vows, and the dancing! The real life reactions of all of your nearest and dearest on your most cherished day is priceless. In 5, 10, 50 years your video will stand the test of time and bring back all of those emotions you experienced. A video has the ability to make you laugh, and cry - something a picture, a still, more curated version of your day is less likely to do.

  2. Cost vs. benefit: I appreciate weddings are expensive, I appreciate how initially it seems photo and video are doubling up BUT the 94% who regretted their decision not to get a video, and the 98% of brides who are advocates for video know better! The thousands of pounds spent on table decorations, on wedding favours, on dare I say it... the things that are forgettable in comparison to the absolute joy that was the emotion and atmosphere of the day. The day you committed to spend the rest of your life with your soul-mate, that deserves to be captured in live time and in reality is a small fraction of the overall budget.

  3. Teamwork: Once you're sold on the need for both - having a photographer and videographer that have worked together is a massive plus. They're more relaxed and comfortable with each other, allowing you to trust that you're in safe hands and are going to get the best possible result. I've a few people who I've worked with consistently and trust completely, so I can support in ensuring you get what you need to have the best possible memories of your magical wedding day.

If you are interested in having both photography & videography then please get in contact! I am more than happy to set up a phone call, video call or if you are reasonably local to Cambridgeshire, then let's meet for a drink! I would love to hear more about your wedding plans and help discuss how we can capture it in the best way possible!

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